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Velcome to rc.andersh.com

I’m a 33 years old norwegian modeler with around 20 years with model airplanes as hobby. Over the years I have collected lots of video’s, models, experiences, and know-how, and I decided to publish some information on this site. Unfortunately I have not got the time to translate everytning to english so if you don’t read norwegian you can browse the site for the pictures and some info that are self-explained, and use the all new video archive thats in english only.

If you came here to see the 9 meter Ventus video - click here.

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To see my planes and helicopters use the links on the top left. First choose model, and choose from four types (motorized plane, Indoor planes, silplanes and helicopters The rest should be self-explained. There are pictures, videos and files connected to the planes at the bottom of the information page for each model.

Thanx for your visit!:-)

Anders Hauge

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